Monday, January 11, 2010

Packaging That Makes You Want to Buy

What makes a product more interesting is the story behind the packaging. I find that companies nowadays are taking things a step further with creative ways to package their products. It's that last inch of creative thinking that sets them apart from the rest...

Abandoned Comb Amulet by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons.

“The Abandoned Comb Amulet consists of a hexagonal sugar-glass pyramid filled with Brooklyn rooftop honey. Free floating in the candied bubble is a solid 18k gold honeycomb necklace sculpted by bees. It is protected by a glass dome with a rubber stopper. The usefulness of the Abandoned Comb Amulet is defined by the resulting choice of a Solomonic dilemma. One must either forcefully exhume the honey drenched gold by violently shattering and eating the casing, or find value in the object’s current form and care for it as it deteriorates on its own.

“First, abandoned honeycomb from Brooklyn rooftop hives is gathered. Next, in the ancient ‘lost wax’ tradition, the honeycomb is burned away and replaced by molten gold. Resulting is a perfect hold replica of the wax comb.”


Prism Eyewear

"Taking their inspiration from the idea of prisms and glass reflections, SabotagePKG has created a truly unique glasses case which looks like it has been carved from glass or crystallines. The result is as eyecatching as the glasses themselves, perfectly complementing the Prism brand’s positioning towards people for whom glasses are an important aesthetic accessory.

The completely transparent two-piece, injection moulded case stands upright and reflects the core idea that glasses are all about light and vision. The case design also stands apart from anything else on the market, giving the Prism brand real standout at point of sale.

SabotagePKG’s Creative Director, Sav Savva, comments: “Prism glasses are hand-made and hand-finished with great emphasis laid on combining traditional techniques with beautiful modern aesthetics. We therefore worked with these brand values to create something equally unique that would reflect the traditional function of glasses and add an aspirational, beautiful look to the packaging itself. It’s been very rewarding to see a number of famous faces already wearing the products."

images via Prism

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